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“Here’s a band in the vein of Staind, Seether, and Cold…great songs and perfect for the mass appeal active rock audience.”

– Tommy Carroll, Music Director, WRBR-FM

(Now - Brand Manager, WGRD-FM)

“See this band live now! Because soon you’re gonna see this band signed. SEE THIS THROUGH!”

- Matt Talluto, Program Director, WBYR-FM

“See This Through highlight emotionally driven and meaningful lyrics wrapped in powerful compelling vocals. They are definitely ready to grab everyone’s attention and will be a band to watch.”

- Music Junkie Press

“See This Through can play, they can sing, and their production is rock-solid. This is the music I buy and the music I listen to.”

- DJ Bob Birthisel, Rocker’s Dive Radio



Patience. Honesty. Persistence.

These elements comprise the bedrock foundation on which the midwestern rock quartet See This Through stands. Powerful yet vulnerable vocals, brutally honest lyrics, heavy guitars, and soaring melodies turn whispers into screams and show-goers into lifelong fans.

See This Through self-released their first EP, “On My Own,” in 2016, garnering over 1.4 Million streams on Spotify alone. In late 2019, they departed for Detroit to work with producer Shane Grush to create the “All or Nothing” collection. While in the middle of production in 2020, the world shut down, stalling progress as everyone sheltered in place. But even a global pandemic couldn’t stop See This Through from living up to its namesake.

The “All or Nothing” collection marks the next chapter for See This Through.